[How to make salty laba porridge]_Homemade method of salty laba porridge_How to make salty laba porridge_How to make salty laba porridge

Although there are a lot of restaurants outside, if you look closely, you will find nothing more than these: Mala Tang.


Hot Pot.


Maybe, the dishes in these restaurants taste a lot of “weier”, but most of them are due to the seasoning.

If you want, you can do better at home.

So, let me introduce you to the practice of salty laba porridge1.

The rice is washed with water, the red beans, and the lotus seeds are also washed. It is best to soak them in advance (2-3 hours).


Two sausages, a small piece of bacon, and a handful of sea rice.


Add rice, red beans, and lotus seeds to the casserole in order, add enough water, change to low heat after boiling, and slowly cook.


Take another pot, slice the sausage bacon, and cook it in hot water for a short time, mainly to remove the fishy smell and dust on the surface.


Cook for about 1 hour. When the porridge is cooked to 7, the sausages, bacon slices, and sea rice are put into the rice porridge together.

Today, this salty laba porridge is delicious and healthy. Is it simple, nutritious and rich, so dear housewives, try to make it for your family.