[Home-made practice of fried pork blood with cabbage]_ production method _ practice Daquan

The method of frying pig’s blood with cabbage is relatively simple. Just put the pig’s blood and cabbage in the pot and fry it together, but you should not pay too much salt, otherwise it will affect the nutritional value of the pig’s blood.

As for the Chinese cabbage fried pork blood, it can supplement the amino acids and iron required by the body, and can relieve the symptoms of constipation and indigestion. It is recommended that you understand the practice of pork blood.

The practice of stir-fried cabbage with pork blood: 1.

Usually the pig blood (blood tofu) in the market or supermarket is raw, and only the pig blood (blood tofu) is solidified with salt.

If this is the case, then the pig blood (blood tofu) needs to be bought home, then immersed in cold for about ten minutes, and then cooked in a clear water pot (preferably a porcelain pot, not an iron pot), usually the water in the potBoil for another two to three minutes.


After the pork blood (blood tofu) is cooked, slice or cut into pieces, as you like.

Select tender cabbage hearts for cabbage and cut them into filaments.

Shred dry chili for future use.


When the pan is heated to 70% to 80%, the pepper is simmered for a while, then add the shredded cabbage, and stir fry for about two minutes (the cabbage is matured), then add the prepared pork blood (blood tofu) slices or pieces.At the same time, add broth essence and salt.

4. After adding pig blood (blood tofu), try to be careful when frying. Do not fry the pig blood. The whole pot of slag can be unsightly. It is better to take out the basic skills and scoop.

Can’t eat pig blood with pot?

1, pig blood + kelp: constipation kelp is delicious, but also contains a large amount of iodine, which has the role of iodine and heat.

Pig blood has the functions of detoxification and vacuuming, and also contains protein, iron and other nutrients.

However, kelp and pig’s blood are in the same phase. Eating together with each other is not conducive to digestion and absorption, leading to constipation.

2. Pig blood + soybeans: Indigestion soybeans are rich in protein and a variety of essential amino acids, which can improve human immunity; but pig blood should not be eaten with soybeans, otherwise it will cause indigestion.

3, pig blood + Polygonum multiflorum: physical discomfort Polygonum multiflorum is a good medicine, a lot of single Chinese medicinal materials, but you should pay attention, do not take Polygonum multiflorum after eating pig blood, because pig blood and Polygonum multiflorum cause physical discomfort.

In addition, pig blood should not be eaten with cornel, nor should it be eaten with Ling and Almond. Everyone should pay attention when eating pig blood.