[Practice of making rice noodles in farmhouse]_ Common practice of making rice noodles in farmhouse _ Practice of making rice noodles in farmhouse _ How to make rice noodles in farmhouse

Food stresses nutritional matching, not only is not fat, but also allows you to eat a slim and healthy body. For friends who lose weight, please come and watch it. Today, I will introduce the production method of the rice noodle production process.


And the paste, should be sticky rice mixed with rice, beaten into rice paste.


Burn the fire and the water in the pot is boiling!


Spoon the slurry into an iron plate like this, and flow up, down, left, and right.

See if the pot is ready, then prepare the pulp to put in5.

Take out the cooked rice milk and check the transparency.


Take out the rice paste and put it on the bamboo scoop to dry!


The noodles in the sun, when they are 60% dry, cut them into shreds, very tender and refreshing!


Haha, this is a rice noodle roll. Add various condiments and vegetables to the rice milk. It is delicious, unique and chewy!

This is a by-product of rice noodles!

At this point, the recipe on the process of making rice noodles in the farmhouse has been introduced.

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