[How to make sparse sausage bread]_Homely practice of sparse sausage bread_How to make sparse sausage bread_How to make sparse sausage bread

Cooking can be very simple. Pour the dishes into a pan, stir-fry or cook them.

But do you really like to eat this kind of gradient?

In order to make a dish, you must have a fixed method and skills.

So, let me teach you how to make sparse sausage bread.


Sausage steak skin 2.

12 Cut into small dices 3.

21 Corn kernels and pea kernels are removed from the refrigerator and thawed 4.

Add salad dressing 5.

Grind into black pepper grains 6.

121 Add all the ingredients except the butter diced to the cooker. When placing it, follow the principle of liquid first and then powder, and finally put the baking powder.

Turn on the chef’s machine, stir for 1 minute for 3 minutes, and turn it for 3 minutes for 5 minutes to knead into a smooth dough.

Add butter cubes, first gear, 3 minutes, knead the paste, then turn 3 gears, 5 minutes, knead into development state 7.

212 stir well, and the sparse sausage filling is ready 8.

1 Can be fermented to twice large.

You can poke with your finger, it will not pop up to indicate that the fermentation is complete9.

2 Shape the dough and leave it to warm in a warm place.

Add 5 parts to the dough, spheronize, and cover with plastic wrap for 10 minutes11.

Take a portion of the dough and roll it into a round cake 12.

Wrap miscellaneous stuffing13.

When closing, pay attention to the place where there is no salad dressing, and the place where there is no salad dressing cannot stick.

Follow this method to complete all 15.

Use scissors to cut a “one” first, and then cut 16 on one side.

Cut the other side and complete the “cross” shape 17.

Send it to the oven for secondary fermentation (an oven with a fermentation function). Remember to put a bowl of water in the oven to keep the temperature and humidity in the oven 18.

Surface brushed egg liquid 19.

The oven is preheated, 170 degrees, middle, and the complete steps and methods of stray sausage bread can be obtained in about 20 minutes. I believe you will be able to master it quickly.

At that time, you will surely be overwhelmed by your “performance”.