[Does eating melon seeds get fat at night]_Melon seeds_Night_Fat

It ‘s a lot of fun to pick up a small melon seed. In leisure, reading a book or watching TV or chatting while melon seed is a very common type of scene.

However, some people are worried that the seeds will often gain weight, because the seeds are a high-conversion food, and the protein in the seeds is generally higher than the ordinary food.

Does eating seeds make you fat?

Sunflower seeds are highly nutritious, with high levels of vitamins, proteins, and oils.

However, the transition of sunflower seeds is also very high, about 597 kcal.

If you cannot control yourself with such a high content of food, you will gain weight if you eat too much.

In fact, pay attention to eating moderately, there is no need to worry about gaining weight.

And after eating a lot of melon seeds benefits.

Sunflower seeds and watermelon seeds are rich in various elements, which can improve digestion and activate the digestive system.

Scent can stimulate taste buds, transmit nerve impulses to the brain, and then affect the digestive organs.

Pregnant women eat melon seeds before and after meals, the secretion of digestive juice increases, which is very conducive to digestion and absorption, promotes appetite, and helps digestion.

Sunflower seeds should not be eaten too much, and it is best to peel them with your hands.

Dental cavities are prone to erosion of the tongue and corners of the mouth.

When spitting, it is easy to spit out a large amount of body fluid together. Taste may be delayed due to this, which will affect appetite and cause stomach cramps.

Body fluid can remove residues, reduce bacteria, and protect the mouth.

Hepatitis patients are best not to eat sunflower seeds to avoid damaging the liver and causing cirrhosis.

In addition, the seeds should be moderated, and controlled at about 80 grams each time.

Excessive consumption of sunflower seeds will consume a lot of saliva, which will definitely affect oral health and digestion in the long run.

Do not eat too much at one time to avoid getting angry or sore tongue.

What are the seeds of sunflower seeds that are good for eating weight?

We can prepare twenty grams of pumpkin seeds and two whole eggs, fifty grams of fine sugar and sixty grams of corn oil, ninety grams of low-gluten flour and some baking soda flour, and twenty grams of coconut flour.

Chopped pumpkin seeds.

Add whole egg + yolk + sugar and add oil.

Pour low powder and soda powder into sugar solution, add coconut powder and pumpkin seeds.

Beat the egg whites into the squash, stir into a batter, pour into the cup, sprinkle with pumpkin seeds, and bake for 25-30 minutes.

Breakfast for many office workers is embedded or imitated.

In fact, I suggest that you can discard these fried doughnuts and replace them with healthy food.

You can prepare canned fruit, dried figs or dried plums, as well as oatmeal, whole wheat food or fresh nuts or seeds.